Specialty Pastries

Pastry & Specialty Items

Assorted Croissant    

Brownie                                                    nuts/ plain

Baklava                                                   almond or walnut

Butter Cake                                  

Large Cannoli                               

Chocolate Covered Strawberry  

Cinnamon Buns (Individual)                 nuts, raisin or plain   

Cinnamon Bun (Ring)                            nuts, raisin or plain   

Cheesecake                                            whole: plain or chocolate chip

Cheesecake                                            Whole: Fruit Topping

Dutch Chocolate Cake                 


Fruit Delight                                

Jewish Apple Cake                       

Lemon Bar                                   

Large Éclair                                            Custard filling

Large Danish                                

Linzer Tart                                                 Raspberry filling

Muffin                                                    fruit filled and iced    

Orange Chiffon Cake                   

Pound Loaf                                            Regular size

Pound Loaf                                            Mini size

Pineapple Upside Down                        whole cake

Pineapple Upside down                               Mini cake

Rum Ring                                     

Gluten Free- Cake Slice:                        Flourless chocolate

Turnover                                                Cherry or apple

Triple Chocolate Cake                 

Wonder Cake                               

Jelly Roll                               Lemon, raspberry, strawberry, mint or chocolate. 

Daily Cake Slices                     Ask about the slice of the day:

Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Napoleon, Blueberry Shortcake, Layer Cake (Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble) and Pound Cake (assorted flavors)


We can also make special orders with advanced notice.