Specialty Tortes

Specialty Tortes

All of our torte cakes are made with 3 layers of cakes

Austrian Torte            3 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers whipped cream filling, whipped cream iced, and a poured chocolate over top.

Black Forest                3 layers of black cherry soaked chocolate cake, filled with 2 layers of chocolate custard, black cherry, and chocolate shavings, whipped cream iced and coated in chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Bavarian     3 layers of chocolate cake, filled with 2 layers of chocolate whipped cream and chocolate shavings, iced in chocolate whipped cream, coated in chocolate shavings.

Italian Cream              3 layers of rum-soaked vanilla sponge cake, 1 layer of vanilla custard and cherry filling, 1 layer of chocolate custard and walnuts, iced in buttercream and coated with chopped walnuts.

Lemon Sunshine          3 layers of vanilla cake, 2 layers of lemon filling, iced in vanilla buttercream, topped with a lemon filling and buttercream design, and coated in coconut shavings

Salem Fudge                3 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of chocolate custard filling, iced in chocolate buttercream, and coated with chopped walnuts.

Strawberry Shortcake  3 layers of vanilla sponge cake, 2 layers of fresh and cooked strawberry filling, iced in whipped cream and garnished with fresh strawberries.

Oreo Torte                   3 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of Oreo buttercream filling, iced in Oreo buttercream, and coated with oreo crumble.

Cannoli Torte              3 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of cannoli cream filling, iced in whipped cream, coated with mini chocolate chips and garnished with mini cannolis.

Chocolate Mint           3 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of Mint buttercream filling, iced in mint buttercream, garnished with mini chocolate chips and peppermint patties.

Coconut Cake           3 layers of vanilla layer cake, filled with 2 layers of coconut vanilla buttercream, iced in vanilla buttercream, covered in coconut shavings.

Danish Torte             4 layers of vanilla cake, 1 layer of apricot filling (bottom), 1 layer of raspberry filling (middle), and 1 layer of chocolate buttercream (top), iced in vanilla buttercream, sides coated with toasted almonds, topped with an apricot and raspberry design.

Red Velvet                  2 layers of Red Velvet Cake, filled with 1 layer of cream cheese icing, iced in cream cheese icing, and coated with chocolate shavings.

Boston cream cake     2 layers of vanilla cake, filled with 1 layer of vanilla custard, sides are un-iced and covered with a cake wrapper, topped with chocolate fudge and a vanilla buttercream accent with a maraschino cherry.

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Ask about our Carrot and German Chocolate cake

Torte Servings                                  (215) 659-7062

6”     round shape                      Serves     4-6

8”     round shape                      Serves      8-10

10”   round shape                      Serves     12-18

12”   round shape                      Serves     20-28

¼  Sheet cake                            Serves     15-20

½  Sheet cake                            Serves     30-40

Full  Sheet cake                         Serves     65-85

Boston Cream Cake           

6”                 Serves   4              

8”                     Serves   6               

10”                  Serves   8-10 

12”                  Serves   10-12

 (Boston cream cakes are a round shape)



If you are interested in our torte cakes, we recommend pre-ordering. Some cakes are readily available in store while others may take up to 48 hours t