Bread & Rolls


Biscuits, Breads, & Rolls

Tea Biscuits                               (bag of 4)

Large Kaiser Rolls                    (bag of 6)

Large Knot Rolls                      (bag of 6)

Large Snowflake Rolls            (bag of 6)

Small Knot Rolls                      (bag of 12)

Small Snowflake Rolls            (bag of 12)

Challah Bread (plain)             (serves 4-6)

Challah Bread (raisin)            (serves 4-6)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread         (serves 4-6)

We carry a variety of rolls, including sesame seed, poppy seed, kaiser, onion, and our plain egg knot rolls. If you are interested in any of our specialty rolls, please call us and place an order at (215) 659-7062.