Miniature Items

Miniature Items


Miniature Danish   (Cherry, Cheese, Blueberry, Lemon, Peach and Apple)  serves 14-18     

Cinnamon Sticky Buns   (Nuts, Raisins or Plain)  serves  14-18      

French Sticks       (Raspberry, Cinnamon or Chocolate  serves  20-28

Mini Brownies     (Walnut or Nut Free)  serves 12-16       

Mini Cheesecake (Topped w/ buttercream &  a cherry)  serves 12-16         

Cream Puffs       (Filled with custard and topped with powder sugar)  serves 14-16       

Mini Eclairs       (Filled with custard and topped with chocolate)  serves 14-16        

Mini Cannoli          (Cheese/Chocolate Chip or Half & Half Custard)  serves 10-14

Butter Cookies      (Jimmy’s, Sugar Sprinkles & many more toppings)  serves 14-20       

Hammentash      (Lemon, Cherry, Raspberry-Seasonal)  serves 18-24        


Petit fours are a bite sized vanilla pound cake w/ a poured chocolate or vanilla icing.

Petit fours            (Buttercream Flower Decoration)  serves 18-24

Petit fours            (Personalized or Holiday decoration)  serves 18-24        

Petit fours            ( Tinted, Special customized Artwork)                                              


Nut Free items available upon request


Miniature Tray Selections

Miniature Tray weight                                       Approximate Pieces

Your choice of : Butter cookies, mini danish, mini cinnamon buns, cream puffs, mini eclairs,  mini cheese cakes, mini cannoli,  petit fours or mini brownies. Nut Free items available upon request.


1 lb. Cookie Tray (cookies only)     10-15   pieces (w/cellophane)

2 lb. Miniature Tray             15-30    

3 lb. Miniature Tray             30-50    

4 lb. Miniature Tray            50-70    

5 lb. Miniature Tray            70-90    


Weinrich’s Bakery uses a variety of tree nuts. If you request no nuts, we will do our best to keep them away from your order. Because we can’t know the severity of someone’s allergy, we can’t guarantee that it will be safe for someone with a nut allergy.